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Create compelling virtual event experiences.

Whether you’re looking to create a hybrid experience or a fully virtual event, many details go into delivering the perfect online experience for your attendees. The leader in live experiences, Freeman is your partner in supporting your online event from content strategy and production to our all-in-one platform.

OnlineEvent Pro™ enables you to create a visually captivating event that will make distance irrelevant for your audience.

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By the numbers

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events with livestreams every year
1 K
hours of content produced each year
$ 1 M
revenue generated for our clients

A powerful, all-in-one platform for your online events

Content and livestreaming

Deliver engaging content and presentations beyond a physical environment to anyone, anywhere in the world. With scalable technology and industry-leading support – the stage is yours!

  • Reliable and scalable video delivery
  • Live, pre-recorded, and on-demand content
  • Privacy & security settings with thorough QA and testing
  • High-end production with A/V tech and support

Learning and education

With education-specific features, learning goes beyond the session. Deliver educational content seamlessly across multiple days and session tracks.

  • Session pages with simple add-to-calendar functionality
  • Speaker profiles with integrated presentation management
  • Enhanced learning through interactive virtual posters
  • Easy filter, search, and registration for sessions

Audience interaction

Creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate is key to a successful virtual event. In fact, virtual events with interactive elements are much more likely to be rated as valuable and worth their time by attendees. Fortunately, a digital platform offers new and unique ways for attendees to interact with speakers, content, and each other.

  • Social feed tracks event buzz
  • Live polling and Q&A gathers session feedback
  • Session chat encourages attendee participation
  • Gamification and leaderboard amp up the fun
  • Website chatbot offers 24/7 attendee support

Virtual networking

One of the most critical components of any event is creating connections. That’s true whether your event is in-person or online. The beauty of virtual networking is that it can be done anywhere, at any time. Create the space and opportunity for connections and watch the magic happen.

  • Chat channels connect groups
  • Attendee-to-attendee and attendee-to-exhibitor networking
  • AI-driven matchmaking pairs attendees based on similar interests
  • One-on-one and group chats create deeper connection

Sponsorship opportunities

Audiences come first, but sponsors are the backbone of events – including virtual events. Sponsors can easily be woven into event advertising and content, as well as finding opportunities to connect sponsors directly with their target audiences and allow them to share information about their products and services.

  • Exhibitor directory showcases sponsors by tiers
  • Branded exhibitor pages with detailed metrics
  • Ad placements on the homepage and session pages
  • Virtual 1-1 meetings (chat or video)
  • Easy ‘drop a business card’ functionality for attendees

How can we help?

Speak with a Freeman team member to learn what our virtual event platform can do for your next event.

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